Become acquainted with United's Admission Process and join the UCA family today!


 United Christian Academy knows that finding the right school for you and your family can be a daunting task.  If our visions and values on this website are compelling you to reach out to us, we encourage you to let us help you through the process of admissions.



For most families, the application process begins through an introduction to our school.  You may have heard about our school online, by word of mouth or you have simply passed our campus and saw our advertisement. To learn more about our school we recommend that you attend our Open House in January to get a comprehensive look at grades Pre-K through 12th.  If this time does not work for you, we welcome you to contact our office to schedule a tour.



The next step is applying.  For each applicant, we require a former teacher recommendation form, transcripts of the previous year, and a copy of immunization records, (birth certificates for pre-school).  You may access the online application found at the bottom of this page.



Parents should bring the application with them to the interview along with the requested information.  We will then give you a guided tour of our facilities, and you may also meet the teachers.  Any learning challenges or medical concerns may be discussed in this interview. The interview is a time when we can get to know one another more personally and serves as an opportunity for you to ask questions.



 Students may choose to spend the day in the classroom and complete the assessment test, or choose to complete the test without the class observation experience.  There is no cost for the testing.  Assessment testing should not be a stressful time, it simply allows us to make sure that your child can succeed in our learning environment.



These packets are sorted by age groups to give you the information you need for having a successful year.  Hand-outs, handbooks and dress code guidelines are included for your convenience. Please visit our office to pick up one for your review.


Our admissions are on a first come first serve basis.



Download this PDF form and fill in all the correct details!


Submit the application to this e-mail address:

We will process your admission and will contact you within 10 days of receiving your application.

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